Maltese rank second in the EU among those who drink most soft drinks

The Maltese have been ranked second in the list of EU nations which consume the most soft drinks, with only Belgians drinking more sugary drinks than us.

This emerges from statistics published by Eurostat which were based on information which has been collected since 2019.

The survey shows that 9% of those over 15 or more said that they drink soft drinks every day, while 6% take soft drinks between 4 –  6 times a week while 9% take soft drinks between 1 – 3 times weekly.

Belgians drink the most soft drinks with 20% saying that they did this daily. Afterwards came the Maltese, Germans, Hungarians, Polish and Bulgarians at around 12%.

The Estonians were the least people prone to drinking soft drinks daily, with only 2% doing so, followed by the Lithuanians, Finnish, Latvians, and Romanians at 3%.

In general, women drink more soft drinks than men with 12% doing this daily, compared to 7% of men.

When it comes to age groups those aged between 15 – 24 take the most soft drinks at 14%, while the age group which drinks the least are those aged 75 and over, only 5% of whom take soft drinks daily.