Maltese researchers working on project which could see fast-food and other items being delivered by drone

A team of Maltese researchers is exploring the possibility of certain products being delivered by drone and, to this end, is working on flying a drone between Malta and Comino. In collaboration with international experts, this research is currently nearing completion.

Until a couple of years ago ordering your favorite food or purchase via mobile phone and getting it delivered to you at home a short time later, was a rare thing. Today, especially in recent months, we all know that it has become the norm and is part and parcel of everyday life. But a team of Maltese researchers have gone a step further and are looking to the skies as the future way of distributing goods.

Tests are currently underway so that this drone, capable of carrying a load of 10 kilograms, makes its first flight from Cirkewwa to Comino. During the first flight an aviation team, IT team and manufacturing experts will deliver fictitious blood bags between the two islands.

Pilot Karl Falzon, who is part of the Quiero research team, said safety was one of the most fundamental aspects of this project. He explained that a trip is pre-scheduled and the landing is automatic.

The Chief Executive of Hands On Systems, Geoffrey Farrugia, who has been working on this project for more than a year and a half, told TVM that this drone could have various missions. He mentioned that large international companies like Amazon were already operating similar systems.

“The applications are varied, from a shuttle that makes ‘express deliveries’ such as medical devices and vaccine tests, to the use of other cases such as cargo that one has to send between Malta and Gozo.

An integral part of this project was Dr. Jian Wang who operates an aerospace company in Germany. Upon his arrival in Malta he stated to TVM that the Maltese islands are ideal for operating such a system.

Malta would be the perfect place for this to work out. You know this is my second day here, we already tested and loving it, we had eight flights yesterday, later on we’re gonna make the first channel cross, so super excited!”

Dr. Wang was confident that in the future the distribution of drone items would become the norm!