Maltese restaurant to open in Tokyo

On Sunday in the Japanese capital of Tokyo, a Maltese restaurant will be opening which will not only serve typical Maltese cuisine, but will be offering typical Maltese products such as Kinnie and Cisk. The Malta Tourism Japan office said in a statement that the restaurant will open in central Tokyo near the JR Shmbashi train station. The restaurant will offer gourmet food typical in many country, including Italian, French, Chinese and Japanese food, but a substantial part of the menu will be characterized by Maltese food. The restaurant’s owner, chef Takamiya has studied Maltese typical plates with Pippa Mattei. He visited Malta in 2014 and this year to improve in a perfect way on how the Maltese specialty food is cooked. It was pointed out in the statement that next week, Mr Takamiya will be the first Japanese chef to specialize in Maltese food.

The ambiance of restaurant will be a mixture of Maltese and Japanese traditions and in fact certain food will be served on wooden boards, while other food will be served on plates. The Maltese Cross has been incorporated in the decor of the restaurant, especially in the stained glass window on the door, as well as the Maltese map on the wall, so that customers can familiarize themselves with the island from where the food which they will be eating comes from.

Among the Maltese traditional food offered by the restaurant one will find the traditional ‘ħobż biż-żejt’, rabbit fritter and potatoes, the ‘aljotta’ fish soup and the ‘braġjoli’. Maltese wines will also be served, especially the Meridiana brand, such as the ‘Isis’. One of the specialties that Chef Takamiya will focus on is the Maltese ‘ftira’ filled with various ingredients and which have been named after Maltese localities such as Marsaxlokk, Imdina and Valletta.

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