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Maltese sculptor to hold ceramics exhibition in Paris

Sculptor Paul Haber is to be a special guest of France, where he will be holding an exhibition of ceramic works in the heart of Paris, in one of this city’s halls close to the Louvre. TVM met with the sculptor, who explained the sources of inspiration for his artistic works

Paul Haber has been producing ceramic sculptures for more than 50 years. He describes the artistic process as a voyage which has transported him towards artistic reflection of that which shapes and designs the elements of nature, and he is particularly inspired by the enigma and the beauty of the Mediterranean seas which surround the Maltese Islands.

Haber says that the sources of inspiration for his works are inspired by the maritime environment, particularly that Mediterranean and Maltese. Also evident in his works are the mix of fragility and the enormity of nature,

We met Paul Haber at his workshop in Imtahleb, where he is surrounded by spectacular scenes of Maltese countryside and landscape. Haber points out that the sculpture he would be intending to create would already be clear in his mind, with his voyage taking him gradually towards the final destination through the creative process he kneads in the artistic works he creates from clay and ceramics, the raw materials he uses for his works.

The sculptor says that in every artistic work there are trends which define different epochs, cultures and times, but the authenticity and mark of the artist are consistently present in his work.

The event is being supported by the Cultural Diplomacy Fund of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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