Maltese song festival back on TVM – ‘Mużika Mużika’ celebrates national identity

Between 18 and 20 March we will see the return of the Malta Song Festival under the name ‘ ‘Mużika Mużika’. 20 songs will be competing, which were shortlisted following almost 150 submissions. The festival will be transmitted on Television Malta and will be a celebration of the Maltese song, however it will also be a celebration of everything which makes us Maltese, including the language and satire.

The Malta Song Festival is back for the first time in 8 years. Joseph Cauchi from the production team said that the festival will be of a very high standard and full of surprises for fans, including the participation of the National Philharmonic Orchestra.

“On the first night on Thursday there will be 20 songs. The public will have a chance to choose 12 and they will pass on to the finals  on Saturday. On Friday it will be more of a concert. There will be legendary Maltese singers with some of our country’s most loved songs, so we can imagine everyone singing and dancing to these songs.”

The Chairperson of the Public Broadcasting Services, Carmen Sammut, said that this event is a celebration of what makes us Maltese and the national station could not but be a part of it.

“One of the reasons is to continue strengthening the Maltese language by using it well, and this is an opportunity for us to continue using our language through song. It was good news that after all these years this festival is coming back and we will be helping to widen the cultural pool on our islands.”

The Chairman of Mużika Mużika, Ray Bugeja, said that experts have been engaged to ensure that everything is done according to the measures issued by the health authorities. Mr Bugeja said that during the festival there will also be an element of satire.

“We will still ensure an excellent product, and those watching from home will not even notice these things because the production will proceed as normal.”

Ministers José Herrera and Carmelo Abela said that the festival will serve as a showcase for local artists by creating opportunities for those who wish to express their talent by using the Maltese language.

During a press conference an agreement of understanding was signed between Festivals Malta and PBS to produce high quality cultural and artistic programming, such as Mużika Mużika.