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Maltese students to undergo training in maritime sector

Two institutions – MCAST and Maritime MT – have signed an agreement in principle with the aim of enticing more Maltese students to study and train in various branches of the maritime sector.

MCAST Principal Professor James Calleja stated that the intention is to expose present and prospective students to the many job opportunities in the maritime sector, not just at sea but also on land. Professor Calleja added that the prospects of quality employment, particularly in the Super Yachts sector, are numerous.

Maritime MT Chairman Captain Jesmond Mifsud is of the same opinion, pointing out that although there are many Super Yachts in the Maltese Islands, not many Maltese are employed on these yachts, and their wish is to encourage more Maltese students to start working in this new sector, which pays well.

Education Minister Justyne Caruana praised the country’s acquisitions in the maritime sector and promised a commitment to more investment in human resources in this sector.

Transport Minister In Borg stated that the first graduation of 15 male and female students from Maritime MT, half of whom are Maltese, took place a week ago.