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Maltese to represent Europe in Tekken 7 esport finals

Esport in Malta is gaining popularity and provide an opportunity for a player to represent the country in various competitions. The dedication and love for the sport led Lyon Buhagiar to mark his name in the world-wide finals of the Tekken 7 esport.

Lyon told that last year he won the local competition of the Tekken 7 game. The Covid pandemic cancelled the international competition, however this year Lyon competed in Europe and successfully advanced to the world-wide finals in Israel where major players will compete. Lyon classified first in the groups’ first stage and managed to proceed to the finals.

Is this sport popular in Malta?

Lyon said that are many types of Esports, including Simulation games (such FIFA or PES) and also fighting games (such as Tekken and Street Fighter).

Prior to the pandemic there were some 30 Maltese participants and 100 when foreigners joined in.

In Malta, a game such as Fifa is more popular than Tekken. Lyon travels abroad to train and compete in Tekken 7, and in September he classified in ninth position among 77 participants in Bologna.

Tekken 7 consists of 54 different characters, each with different moves and skills that a player has to study. Lyon, who earns money from competitions and from Twitch, said that currently he is trying to balance between school and the esport which he considers similar to a part-time job.