Maltese artist’s dream came true when she started work with Cartoon Network

‘Where dreams become reality’ was the motto of a comics convention held at the end of the week which was attended by foreign as well as a lot of Maltese artists who express their imaginations in comic cartoon characters.

R2D2 was a robot that gripped the Star Wars film towards the end of the 70’s, a robot brought to reality by artist Tony Dyson who has been living in Malta for 25 years and who participated in Malta Comic Con which this year was held in the Magazino warehouse and the old power station in Valletta.

This is a world of fantasies that manifests itself in comics and mixes with reality with many comics enthusiasts making it a point to visit the convention to indulge in their hobby and exchange ideas while browsing through comics on display. Comics is an art that combines words with pictures as explained by Dean Fenech, a comics artist and scriptwriter.

This is an annual convention organised by Wicked Comics in which a number of foreign participants take part, this time round from Italy, Greece and the United Kingdom. One of them is Tony Dyson who was busily autographing pictures of himself with the robot he created R2D2 and which brought him international fame.

Maltese talent has also spread overseas and Daniela Attard has been working for Cartoon Network for over a year, a leading international network of animated films.

This was the convention’s seventh edition of Comic Con in which costume competitions for cartoon characters was held.