MAM declares industrial dispute

The Maltese Medical Association has declared an industrial dispute from next Thursday. In a statement, the Association said it is unacceptable that a medical consultant was transferred because he expressed his professional judgment.

It explained that the industrial dispute revolved around the removal of Dr Kenneth Grech from his responsibility for coordinating the public health response to Covid-19, after recommending caution on the opening schools.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health told TVM that the removal of Dr Grech from the Covid Team had nothing to do with the MUT issue that was resolved last week and explained that a team of public health experts, including Dr Kenneth Grech, were working on a strategy on how to use European funds for the health sector in Malta, but in recent months had focused on the pandemic. She went on to add that these experts now have been called back to their original roles in order that our country did not risk losing millions of European funds for the future of the health sector and the country’s recovery from Coronavirus.

Meanwhile the MAM has requested a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Chris Fearne. In its statement, the MAM argued that doctors should be free to express their professional opinion without being intimidated or afraid that they will be harmed insisting that this was an ethical obligation of every doctor. The Association went on to say that the removal of Dr. Grech was cause for concern for professionals at all levels and that the Ministry of Health had given the impression that only one person could work on a European Union project, and that this was not fair to doctors already doing this work.

After its meeting yesterday the MAM declared an industrial dispute starting next Thursday. The doctors will start with a demonstration and up the ante the following Monday.

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