MAM waiting for Government reply to decide whether to suspend directives

The Medical Association of Malta said that it welcomes the statement of Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci that she opposes mass events.

While quoting a statement by the Health Superintendent, MAM said in a statement that Prof Gauci is completely against mass events. It expressed its disappointment that the Tourism Minister ignored this notice and authorised mass events.

The association added that through a 700-individuals event, a march in Santa Venera led to the re-increase of Covid-19 cases.

MAM stated that it is waiting for a reply by the Government so that the Council decides whether to suspend the directives planned for Monday.

On its part, the Employers Association MEA appealed to unions in the health sector to suspend industrial actions. The MHRA said that extreme positions lead to a disastrous result and appealed to the Government to take the necessary actions that reflect a balance between the benefit of the public, workers and employers. It stressed that if the tourism sector suffers, the whole economy will suffer.

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