Man acquitted of attempted murder case at Rabat PL club

25-year old Kenneth Micallef from Dingli was acquitted by the Court of the attempted murder of Ivan Attard during a fight at the Rabat Labour Party club three years ago.

It was revealed in Court that the fight broke out after a political mass meeting in Naxxar when a woman danced in a provocative way on a billiard table and befriended a certain Christian Gauci. The woman’s partner, Alfio Attard, attacked Gauci, with other persons involving themselves, including the victim and the accused.

It emerged that the victim struck the accused in the face with a beer bottle while the accused defended himself with various punches. Attard fell on the ground, and after he rose he was thrown out of the bar as the fight continued outside.

The victim said that he could not recall what happened between the moment he entered the club to drink and when he woke up in hospital.

Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera said the accused acted in self defence after he feared being hit by a bottle.