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Man acquitted of defrauding Lidl during shopping spree

A 42-year old Italian, Vincenzo Maniscalco, who lives in St Paul’s Bay, was acquitted of defrauding Lidl supermarket, together with a female accomplice. He was accused of filling various trolleys with products and leaving the supermarket without paying.

The case goes back to 2018. He was accused with approaching the same female cashier who did not punch the shopping or used to punch a few cents.

An Italian woman who worked as a cashier at the Żejtun Lidl supermarket was connected with this case. The Italian had admitted at an earlier stage and was conditionally discharged for two years. She had left Malta.

The prosecuting officer had said that the man used to take €300 and €400 in shopping products, and that this occurred 32 times.

The Court, presided by Magistrate Simone Grech, concluded that not enough evidence was presented to find the Italian guilty. It added that the accused chose to testify in these proceedings and denied that he knew the involved cashier. The Court also noted that the prosecution did not summon the cashier as a witness.