Man arrested after driving into tables and chairs on Marsalforn seafront

A 30-year-old man who lives in Zejtun was arrested after he allegedly drove his car in a dangerous manner and violently rested arrest.

The Police said that around midnight,  the Rabat Police station in Gozo was informed that a man was breaking the umbrellas on the seafront and was driving his vehicle into the tables and chairs located there .

Whle the District Police arrived on the scene, they spotted the vehicle driving at a great speed on the wrong side of the road and heading straight into the Police car.  The officers inside the police vehicle managed to avoid the oncoming car, while  continuing to chase the driver, however he ignored their sirens and increased his speed.

The Police officers, assisted by members of the Rapid Intervention Unit, managed to surround the man’s car and stop him in Rabat. The driver was ordered to get out immediately but he refused to obey Police orders and began threatening them while resisting arrest.

After some time, the Police said that they managed to control and arrest him and he was taken to the lock up in Rabat, Gozo, where he continued to be aggressive.

Because there was the suspicion that he was under the influence of alcohol, he was asked to do a breathalyser test, however after he was warned several times, the man refused.

He is expected to be arraigned at the Gozo Court this afternoon in front of Magistrate Simone Grech. The investigations are being led by the Gozo District Police.