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UPDATE (3): Two men arrested in connection with the migrant’s murder at Ħal Far

A 22-year-old man from Paola was arrested on Friday in connection with the murder of the migrant at Ħal Far last month, while another man from Marsascala was arrested today following a Police search.

The murder occurred on the night of 6th April when Lassine Cisse Souleymane from Ivory Coast was fatally shot in the head in the limits of Birżebbuġa. Two other migrants were wounded in the shooting incident.

The two suspects are Armed Forces members

TVM is informed the arrested men are members of the Armed Forces. The first man, who was arrested during the night hours, admitted with the Police to having participated in the crime. He also indicated the other person who carried out the shooting, who is also a member of the Armed Forces.

It seems that police have established the motive of the crime, which is a racist one and that the suspect allegedly said that the migrants were targeted because they are black.

He also allegedly admitted that he was involved in a hit and run incident earlier in which a migrant was run over.

“This act does not represent AFM values”

Sources close to the investigation told TVM that the weapon used in the crime was found and also the Toyota Starlet white car which was allegedly used in the murder.

Sources close to the army told TVM that the AFM leadership is considering these developments with great seriousness, however they added that this alleged act does not represent the values and work of the Armed Forces.

Reaction by Prime Minister and NGOs

Reacting to the news on Twitter, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat thanked the Police for their work and stated that the suspected persons do not represent the ethos of the Armed Forces, who are doing important work in society.

The Prime Minister added that an internal investigation is underway to determine if these were isolated cases or part of a bigger ring. However, he stated, Malta is a safe country for everyone.

In a statement, the Aditus Foundation, Integra Foundation, JRS Malta thanked the Police for their work so that justice is done.

They said that Lassine was the target of the attack simply because of his skin colour, and expressed hope that the arrest will provide some peace to his family and also to the other two migrants wounded in the attack.

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