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Man arrested for ‘upskirting’ more than 550 women

In Madrid, a man ended up being arrested on charges of looking under the skirts of more than 550 women, known as ‘upskirting” and taking videos of them, which he then posted online.

The man, a Colombian national, aged 53, is being charged with filming the women with his mobile which was hidden in a bag.

The Police said that the man uploaded a total of 283 videos online on pornographic sites. The videos were a great hit because millions of people saw them.

Some of the victims are young underage girls many of whom were targeted by this man while they were on the Metro.

It was also stated the Colombian man used to go to supermarkets and even introduce himself to the victims so that the videos would be even clearer.

The Police began following the man and arrested him while he was filming a woman on the Metro.

In Spain, this act is considered sexual abuse and can lead to a prison sentence. In England and Wales, this act is considered a criminal offence.


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