Man arrested in New York after he was allegedly planning attack similar to Nice

Mohamed Rafik Naji,  from Yemen, who has a green card to live in New York, has been arrested after he tried to join the group which calls itself Islamic State. He was allegedly planning a terrorist attack at Times Square, similar to that which took place last July in Nice, France.

Naji, 37, left New York in March of 2016 to go to Yemen, with the aim of trying to join ISIS. The prosecutors said that in September of the same year, Naji spent six days hiding in the mountains without food or water, in the last of five attempts to join ISIS. He was found when prosecutors intercepted his emails. In one of the emails Naji had given instructions to a certain person to delete all his emails,.

gty_crimescene_bm_20160715_4x3_992According to a source who revealed the information about Naji to the Police,  Naji returned to  New York in September 2015, where he continued to show his support for IS. The source said tha after the attack in Nice, when  Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove over tens of people on the promenade with a truck, Naji said that a similar attack would be ideal at Times Square. The source said that Naji was thinking about a rubbish truck which could run over people in the square which is always crowded with people. The prosecutors said, however, that there was no evidence of any concrete plan having been formulated based on this idea which Naji had.