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Man caught on CCTV dumping rubbish in Birkirkara

The Birkirkara local council has harshened its battle against those who litter and dump waste in this town. The Council is asking for the public’s help to catch those who are taking out their rubbish at the wrong times, or who abuse the use of bring-in sites or who are dumping rubbish illegally. To achieve this aim, the council has begun putting up boards in the area, with photos taken from CCTV footage showing people breaking the law. The Mayor has promised to protect the anonymity of those who identify the people who are caught littering.

Photos taken from CCTV cameras which show people dumping rubbish at the corner of Psaila street in Birkirkara have been put up on a nearby board. This initiative was taken following the frustration of the council which said that, despite the rubbish collection services it offers, there are still those who are littering.

The Mayor, Joanne Debono Grech said, “I appeal to Birkirkara residents not to allow people to dirty our town and appeal to the residents not to dump rubbish themselves. We have found everything, even mattresses near the bring-in sites, when all one has to do is phone the council for it to be collected.”

The Mayor added that by making these photos public, the council was urging people to phone their offices,  even confidentially, to help identify those who are breaking the law. She explained that the council has put up eight boards on which photos of those littering and dumping rubbish were taken from CCTV cameras near the bring-in sites.  They have been placed near St Aloysius College, as well as near Fleur De Lys and Triq il-Qasab.

On Sunday, Ms Debono Grech also uploaded photos on Facebook showing a man throwing construction waste in a valley where a project has just been completed. .

”The place where the waste was dumped has just been cleaned up and was a project which cost the council around 600,000 Euro of MEPA funds. I will not tolerate these things happening any more,” she said.

She added that she is ready to get involved in the reports personally to ensure that the anonymity of those who inform the council of illegalities, is protected.

”I understand that no one likes going to Court, but they can speak to me personally, and I will appear myself if they know who is dumping the rubbish. I promise not to reveal their identity”,  she added.

She said that whoever is caught by the 80 security cameras spread over different areas will be referred to the local enforcement agency, LESA, for procedures to be taken against them.

She added that this system is having an effect as there are places where illegal dumping has been reduced, although she has appealed to the Government to help the councils through greater enforcement.

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