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Man caught with drugs after throwing bag away when spotting Police

John Gabriel, a Nigerian man, aged 37, pleaded guilty to having cannabis in his possession in circumstances where it was not for his personal use, and also of living as a vagrant with no fixed address.

Inspector Godwin Scerri said that yesterday, shortly after midnight, Police officers from the Qawra police station were called to the area of Fra Ben on a separate report. He said that there they found John Gabriel, who as soon as he spotted the police threw his bag away, prompting the police to restrain him and collect the bag as well.

In the bag, they found 27 packets of cannabis and the man’s passport. He was taken to the police station for interrogation.

Inspector Scerri said that the accused came to Malta from Italy to find work and instead found an easy way to make money by selling drugs. He said this was not acceptable and therefore he should be handed a prison sentence.

Legal aid lawyer Dr Mark Anthony Cutajar said that the man had collaborated with the police and at the moment has no where to live. He said that therefore the Court should consider a less severe sentence.

The Court presided over by Magistrate Rachel Montebello found him guilty and sentenced him to nine months in jail. s

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