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Man charged with carrying out hold-ups by threatening people with bomb

Alistair Camilleri, 39, from Marsa has been remanded in custody after he was arraigned in Court charged with a number of hold-ups earlier this month.

Camilleri pleaded not guilty.

He was arrested by Police from the Violent Crimes Unit between the hours of Saturday night and Sunday morning. In Court it  emerged that Camilleri used to walk into the shops holding a heavy box in his arms, placing it on the counter and threatening  to explode the bomb contained inside the box if someone phones the Police.

The first attempt by Camilleri happened on 7 January in Qormi with other hold-ups taking place in three hotels in Sliema, Gzira and Tigne, and  from a retail outlet in Qormi.  The last robbery took place in Iklin last Thursday.  Camilleri was also charged with holding people against their will and of driving a vehicle with fake registration plates.

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