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Man conditionally discharged on drug possession – no proof was presented that drugs were not for his personal use

A 32-year old Sicilian was conditionally discharged by the Court for a period of two years after he was not found guilty of having an amount of drugs that were not for his personal use. He was only found guild of drug possession.

Fabio Ignazzitto, who resides in St Paul’s Bay, was caught with eight cigarettes with substances inside after he was stopped by two traffic wardens as he had the front lamp of his car broken. The wardens suspected that he was smoking a joint. He was also found to be carrying drugs in a bag, weighing 118 grams with a value of €2,254.

It emerged in Court that in a statement to the Police, he admitted that the green substance was cannabis, which he bought a day before for his personal use.

The Sicilian’s partner said that the accused has a drug problem and bought drugs in large quantities because it was cheap. Since his arrest, she added, the man stopped taking drugs on his personal initiative without recurring to assistance.

It was also pointed out in Court that, despite the seizure of a large amount of drugs, no other object connected to trafficking was found in the car and in the accused residence. The Court considered his good conduct and that he cooperated with Police. It ordered the confiscation of the drugs and conditionally discharged him for a period of two years.

Lawyers Franco Debono and Amadeus Cachia appeared for the accused.