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Man continued to meet up with daughter of former partner, in order to rape her

A man from Hamrun, 34, has been arraigned in Court on charges of raping a girl who today is 13 years old.

The Court heard how the crimes have been taking place continuously, over a long period of time, with the man continuing to meet the daughter of his former partner. On one occasion he took her to watch a football match and then had sexual intercourse with her in the car.

The Prosecution said that the effect these sexual assaults had on the girl led her to seek out sexual gratification, without knowing what she wanted. The Court also heard that when the man was with the girl’s mother he acted like a ‘father figure’ and also ended up having intercourse with the girl.

The man pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against him with the defence attorney saying that the girl had other consensual relationships and had even sent naked photos of herself to the accused. The lawyer asked for his client to be released on bail because there was no fear that he would flee the island, or try to tamper with evidence.

The Court observed that more witnesses still needed to testify, including the main witness – the 13-year-old girl herself – and therefore it was not opportune to release the accused on bail.

The man was also found guilty of other crimes in the past.