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Man dragged for 60 metres by a car after being robbed of €4,000

A couple has been held under arrest for allegedly robbing a man of €4,000 after they beat him up and dragged him for 60 metres when he held on to their car.

A man, 43, from Xgħajra and a woman,  30, from San Gwann appeared in front of Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech. John Mifsud and Leanne Chalbi were accused of aggravated theft. John Mifsud was also accused of seriously injuring Lamin Jammeh, of dangerous driving and of being a relapser. Leanne Chalbi was charged with breaching the conditions of a previous sentence.

The Court heard how the couple attacked Jammeh in Triq is-Serkin, Marsa on 22 November and stole his suitcase which contained €4,000 in cash. Despite being beaten up, the victim managed to open the car door of the accused as they tried to flee the scene. He clung on to the door but did not manage to get into the car, and was dragged for 60 metres before losing his grip.