Man escapes prison sentence after defeating drug addiction

In Court, a man who admitted stabbing another man during a bar fight at Santa Venera was relieved from a prison sentence after the Court considered his efforts to reform himself.

The case goes back to October of 2014 when 60-year old George Vella was accused of disfiguring the face and neck of the victim with a knife. He was also initially accused of an attempted murder, but the charge was withdrawn during proceedings.

In its decision, Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech considered a report made by a psychiatrist and reactions by probation officers who confirmed that Vella had defeated the drug addiction. The court also considered that the last criminal offence by the accused goes back to 1992.

The Court said that an effective prison sentence could disrupt the opportunity that Vella integrates once more in society under an adequate supervision. It sentenced him to two years imprisonment suspended for four years and fined him 116 euro. He was also ordered to pay around five thousand euro in court expenses.

Magistrate Frendo Dimech issued a protection order in relation to the victim, while Vella was placed under a care order.

Dr Franco Debono and Dr Marion Camilleri appeared for the accused while Inspector Robert Vella prosecuted.