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Man facing local court procedures is arrested in Bulgaria on charges or rape

Johan Stellingwerf, a 38 year old Danish man, who is being charged before the Maltese Court on alleged cases of rape and usury, was arrested in Sofia, Bulgaria.

According to site, Stellingwerf allegedly raped a 32 year old woman on Christmas Day after meeting her at a local bar, and took her home. The site is reporting that the accused offered her a strange drink, raped her and threw her into the road.

In 2007, Stellingwerf, the son of two lawyers, was awarded a prison sentence in the Netherlands after being found guilty of raping two women and trying to rape another three. He was deported from Brazil.

In 2010, the punishment of the accused was reduced to 5 years and 8 months after the Court of Appeal found that there was insufficient evidence to prove that he had drugged his victims with valium and chloroform.

In 2014, Stellingwerf was also charged before various courts including an alleged rape in Malta, Spain and Poland.

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