Man found guilty of locking his wife and children inside a room

A 30-year-old man from Birkirkara, whose name has not been published to protect this family, was placed on a three-year probation order after being found guilty of causing his wife and her parents fear as well as holding her against her will on 2 October, 2020.

The couple live with the woman’s parents. Both the wife and her parents testified before Magistrate Gabriella Vella about the man’s behavior.

From the evidence it resulted that the man was possessive and wanted to get his way at all time.

Although he lived in the home of his wife’s parents, they were not at liberty to see the children whenever they wanted to.

He did not want his wife to go out and leave the children with him and when his wife once once asked him about money, he told her that she was better off not knowing because otherwise she would spend everything they had.

During an argument a frame was broken and during another argument the man told her that she had better be careful as she would end up like that frame.

Once during another argument he threatened to separate and take away the children and also told her if she takes the children to the parents he’d kill her.

He also locked his wife and children inside a room where they lived when he went out to buy some food.

Although the man denied all this, Magistrate Vella concluded that his behavior towards his wife was totally unacceptable and reprehensible.

She said that no person should treat another person the way the accused had treated his wife.

“No woman, much less a woman who has just gone through the birth of twins and was raising them while working at the same time – should not be abandoned in the way the accused had effectively abandoned his wife with his retrograde ideas ”.

She said that although the accused may have been physically present, which did not seem to be the case because he was either at work or taking care of his pigeons, his decision to isolate his wife from everyone and everything and from all forms of help and relief, was tantamount to abandoning her.”

Magistrate Vella added that the accused failed to understand what it meant to be a woman’s husband and completely failed to understand what it means to be a father.

She stressed that hard work and money were not everything and in certain moments of life, such as the first months of a child’s life, they are almost meaningless because a person who spends all day taking care of her new born children needs help and support and not to find a wall in front of her that is cutting her off from everything and everyone.

“The accused was not there for his wife when it mattered. Cooking and house chores was not what the woman really needed and what she in fact had every right to demand. The children belonged to the couple and not just one party in the relationship and the sacrifices and hard work involved in raising them
must be experienced and carried by the couple, and not by one of them
only “.

Magistrate Vella described the woman as “destroyed and desperate” because the person who was supposed to love her and her children completely, had abandoned her simply to show everyone, more so her parents, that he could succeed and raise their children without the help of anyone, particularly their help.

Finding him guilty of the charges against him, the Magistrate handed down a three year probation order and ordered him not to communicate or meet her in any way, except for matters concerning the children, and warned him that if violating this order, he would incur a fine of € 7,000.