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Man found guilty of robbing elderly woman’s home while she was in hospital

A man who kept denying that he had robbed the home of an elderly woman in Zabbar in October 2012, was found guilty after his fingerprints were found on the front window of the house.

While Rosaria Bonello, who was 89 at the time, was recovering in hospital after a fall, her children noticed the the front door of her house was open. After they filed a police report they went inside and found the house turned upside down and that the TV set was missing.

As the front window of the house which slides open was put back into place the wrong way round, it was suspected that the thief had entered through the window. After forensic tests, fingerprints were lifted from the window pane and the wooden shutter which matched the fingerprints of Kevin Psaila.

Psaila, 38, denied robbing the house and said that he had often gone in front of the house to meet with a woman to whom he had sold a car and who was paying him in installments. He said that he had often leaned against the window while waiting. Another witness who testified was Benna Farrugia, the woman who had bought the car from Psaila, who confirmed she used to meet him in front of this house to pay him.

The Court, presided over by Magistrate Doreen Clarke, noted that some aspects of the testimony by Psaila and Farrugia did not tally and that, on the other hand, the testimony of the elderly woman and her children was credible. From photos it was also evident that the TV set was actually missing.

The Court therefore concluded that there was no reasonable explanation for Psaila’s fingerprints to be on the window of the woman’s house, and therefore found him guilty of the robbery. However, it did not find him guilty of being a relapser since the relevant sentences had not been presented.

Psaila was sentenced to 16 months jail suspended for three years and ordered to pay €742 in Court expenses.