Man found not guilty of stealing two mobiles from St Julian’s hotel

Dimitri Di Grande, an Italian national, was found not guilty that in June of three years ago he stole two mobiles and €70 from a hotel room in St Julian’s.

In Court, Inspector  Jonathan Rankly presented six photograms and a set of fingerprints which were taken from the hotel from where the mobiles and cash were stolen.

In its decision, the Court said that from the photograms presented, it could not be concluded that the accused was actually the thief. It added that, although the fingerprints were compared with those of the accused, these were found outside of the room from where the phones were stolen.

The Court, presided over by Magistrate A.M. Trigona, cleared the man of all charges after during his testimony he managed to prove the probability that it was not him who stole the items from the room.