Man grievously injured after hitting head against skip during Paceville fight

A 35-year-old American was taken to Mater Dei for treatment early this morning after he was injured during a fight with two Libyans in Paceville.

The Police said that the incident happend at around 12.45 a.m. in St George’s road when an argument broke out between an American and two Libyan man, one aged 33 and the other aged 35. The Police said that during the argument, the 35-year-old Libyan man pushed the American who as a result fell and hit his head sharply against a metal skip. He was also punched several times. The Police said that while they were trying to calm the situation down, the American ran off. However, he was later taken to hospital where he was certified to have sustained grievous injuries.

The 35-year-old Libyan man was taken to Mater Dei where he was certified to be suffering from slight injuries while the 33-year-old Libyan man refused any medical treatment.

The two Libyans are being held by the Police to help with the ongoing investigation.