UPDATED: Suspect who grievously injured man in Fgura has been arrested

Yesterday at around  8.45pm, the Police were informed that some people in the vicinity of the local Police station had witnessed an argument between a number of people and that there was blood on the ground.

The local police went immediately to the place indicated where the witnesses had seen the blood. Shortly afterwards they were informed that a person had been admitted to Mater Dei who was involved in an argument where a pointed weapon had been used.

From further investigations it resulted that the man, a Syrian, aged 24, had been involved in an argument with another person in Triq Ħaż-Żabbar, Fgura, during which he allegedly sustained some injuries after being stabbed with a pointed weapon. The other person fled from the scene.

The victim was taken to Mater Dei by relatives and was later certified to have sustained grievous injuries.

The Police have now confirmed that they have arrested a man, also of Syrian nationality, in connection with the case. The man is assisting in the investigations being carried out by the district Police and the Major Crimes Unit.