Man held under arrest after being accused of sexually harassing three women at a school

Joseph Borg is being held under arrest after he was arraigned in court for sexually harassing three women employed with a a security company, at a school.

Visibly anxious, the man, aged 61, resident in Marsascala who works as a receptionist, pleaded not guilty of asking the women, whose ages are 50, 52 and 60, for favours and sexual favours

The defence said that this is a unique case and believes the accused, who has a clean Police record should be granted bail.

However, the Prosecution objected because it feared the evidence could be tampered with. It explained that five more people need to testify, one of whom is his friend.

The defence said that Borg will obey all the conditions imposed on him. It said that he should be granted bail because of his health, especially since he was admitted to hospital a week ago with high blood pressure.

The Court, presided over by Magistrate Ian Farrugia turned down the request for bail.