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Man held under arrest for attempted murder in Dingli

A man, aged 53, was denied bail after he yesterday denied grievously injuring another man with the intent to kill him.

Joseph Scicluna, who works with the Water Services, was accused of the attempted murder of Mark Farrugia, 43, by shooting at him.

Farrugia was in danger of dying yesterday morning after he was hit by a gunshot in Dingli. It is understood that both men are hunters.

The Court said that to date it appears that the motive behind all this was an argument, due to the fact that the victim had testified in a case against Scicluna. It was stated that it was easy for Scicluna to speak to Farrugia as they live in a small village and they both go hunting.

The Court considered the gravity of the crime and the fact that the witnesses and the accused, who all live in the same village, have not yet been heard, and it therefore denied the request for bail.

The prosecution was led by Inspectors James Grech while Wayne Camilleri. Dr Alfred Abela, Dr Rene Darmanin and Dr Arthur Azzopardi appeared for the defence.

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