Man held under arrest until his daughter leaves Malta

A Syrian man, aged 53, who lives in Bugibba, has been held under arrest after the Court issued a decree about his release on bail next Monday.

The case continued in front of Magistate Claire Stafrace Zammit, of Amanadi Al Barhumi, who is accused of threatening and assaulting his 18-year-old daughter with a knife and causing her grievous injuries, of repeatedly instilling fear in her and using violence against her, of holding her against her will and of stealing €3,000 from her.

Inspector Ryan Vella said that following the last sitting on 19 September, the accused passed on €500 to his daughter so that she can go back to Greece. The daughter, Yamamah Al Barhumi, was meant to leave Malta today however when she arrived at the airport this morning, she found that there were protocols which she had not done so she will be leaving Malta on Sunday.

Apart from this, the court said that it would be issuing a decree about the release on bail of the accused on Monday, after his daughter would have left the country.

In the meantime, Julian Grima testified, who is the doctor who on 17 September examined Yamamah Al Barhumi and certified that she had sustained grievous injuries. He said that the teenager had a scratch on her collar bone, bruises on her lower back and neck and a two centimetre cut on her chin.

He explained that the cut will leave a permanent scar and therefore the girl was certified to have sustained grievous injuries.

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