Man posing as Site Technical Officer at construction sites being investigated

A man who was allegedly posing as a Site Technical Officer at various construction sites is being investigated by the Police on various charges, including alleged fraud.  The case was referred to the Police by the Building and Construction Agency after it also came to the attention of the Chamber of Architects.

Television Malta is informed that up to two weeks ago the man continued to persist in breaking the law, including falsifying the signatures of at least three architects.

Less than two weeks ago, the Financial Crimes Department within the Police Force began investigating the behaviour of the man who allegedly began posing as a Site Technical Officer at construction sites in Guardamangia, Gudja and St Paul’s Bay. By law, a  Site Technical Officer must be an architect or a graduate in engineering.

The man is being investigated for falsifying the signatures of at least three architects on the statement of responsibility of the construction sites.   The CEO of the Building and Construction Agency, Ivor Robinich, said the man has been trying to deceive the Agency for a long time and criminal action had already been taken against him.

“We gave him a warning. Once, twice, three times.  When he did not listen, we took him to Court and more cases emerged and the Chamber of Architects also realised what was happening. We received a letter from the Chamber, and I sent it to the Police Commissioner for investigation.”

Since the beginning of the year, the Agency’s inspectors have carried out more than 1,300 inspections at construction sites, including in Gozo. During the same period, 8 sites were shut down and nine administrative fines were issued for various shortcomings including for construction work which was being carried out on Sundays and public holidays. The fines amount up to €10,000.

“There are fines if someone is cutting stone without a vacuum, causing a lot of dust. And you are not allowed to start certain types of construction or interventions on a building before 7am.”

Mr Robinich said that by the end of this year, enforcement inspectors within the agency will double to 12.

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