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Man remanded in custody worries about his cat

Two men have been remanded in custody after being charged with theft from a Sliema warehouse.

The two men, aged 38 and 42 years respectively, have pleaded not guilty to the charges, which include contravening suspended sentences and becoming relapsers.

The Prosecution stated in Court, Magistrate Josette Demicoli presiding, that on 5 February the Police had received a report that a person was seen to be acting suspiciously near a Sliema warehouse. The Police had recovered stolen items which were ready to be sold to a recycling company.

The Police had interrogated the owner of the company, who had identified one of the accused as a person who had given him some items similar to the stolen ones.

The other accused was arrested last week, and admitted his involvement in the case. When the Magistrate explained the charges, however, the men pleaded not guilty.

Despite a plea for bail, both men were remanded in custody.  The Prosecution objected to bail, stating that more witnesses still had to give evidence.

Meanwhile, the 42-year-old expressed concern about who would care for his cat if he were to be remanded in custody. When the Magistrate’s decision was announced, he again referred to his cat, but no reply was forthcoming.


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