Man sentenced to 18 months jail for stealing tools and mobile phones

Stephen Zammit, 46, has been sentenced to 18 months jail after pleading guilty to stealing tools and mobile phones.

He was accused that on 13 May 2019, he stole tools from Birkirkara, and that on 29 July 2019 he stole mobile phones and other items and breached his probation after he was found guilty in a sentence dating back to 2017.

The Court, presided over by Magistrate Rachel Montebello, found him guilty of the first two charges of theft however not guilty of breaching his probation. In handing down the sentence, the Court considered that the accused had already been tried for breaching his probation and therefore could not be tried again for the same crime for which he had served a 17 month jail sentence.

The Court said that despite the various opportunities given to the man to reform himself over the years he had failed to do so and did not even acknowledge that he had a serious drug abuse problem which needs to be addressed. It noted that he does not wish to shoulder responsibility for his actions and is not interested in reforming himself.  Therefore the Court said that it does not feel the accused should be given a sanction in the community because it would be wasting the time and resources of our institutions. It added that it is obvious that he requires treatment to overcome his addiction.

Therefore, along with his prison sentence, he was ordered to undertake a three year rehab programme to overcome his drug addiction.