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Man sentenced to one year in jail for assaulting two police officers and biting one of them

Abubakar Ibrahim Jabril has been sentenced to one year in jail and fined €4,000 after being found guilty of assaulting two police officers, and slightly injuring one of them.

The incident happend on 5 April 2016 at the Tiger Bar in Marsa, when Immigration Police were carrying out an investigation, and stopped the accused who greatly resembled the person they were looking for. They found a substance on him which today is illegal but at the time was not. After his arrest, the accused assaulted the police officers, and bit one of them.

On his part, the accused said that he resisted arrest because they had grabbed him by the hair, and that he did not wish to bite the police officer but it was the officer who put his hand in his mouth.

The Court, presided over by Magistrate Joe Mifsud, said that the police should be protected while on duty and no one should be excused for threatening a police officer. He said that police orders should be obeyed immediately and respect should be shown towards officers. The Court noted that these cases where people are not obeying legitimate police orders and are physically attacking the police, are on the increase.