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Man shocked as he discovers images his own amputation on cigarette packets

A 60 year old man was shocked to discover an image of his own amputated leg on a packet of cigarettes as a warning against the dangers of smoking.

The Albanian man, who lives in France said that he had lost his leg as a result of a shooting that occurred in Albania in 1997 and not because of blocked arteries as a result of smoking, as was indicated on the cigarette packet.

His son brought the image to his attention when he recognised his father on the packet from the burns and wounds in his leg.

The man’s lawyer said that his client felt betrayed and robbed of his dignity when he discovered that his disability was being used on cigarette packets without his consent.

The man said he never gave his consent for the photographs to be used in this way and believes that they were taken when he went for a local hospital visit in 2018. The European Commission, which is responsible for the circulation of these types of images said that the man was wrong because the photo was taken in 2017, a year before the man went for his hospital visit.

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