Man spent three months living at Chicago airport because he was afraid to go home due to Covid-19

A man was arrested and arraigned in Court after he was caught living in a restricted, secure section at Chicago International airport, in the US.

Judge Susana Ortiz was baffled on hearing the case of Aditya Singh, 36, which she described as shocking.

It turns out that Singh, who has no criminal record, arrived in Chicago on a flight from Los Angeles on 19 October and remained at the airport for almost three months, until he was arrested two days ago. It was stated he was afraid to go back to his home in LA because of Covid-19.

The Court heard that Singh found an ID badge belonging to one of the airport staff and kept using it to roam around the airport’s restricted zone, even after the employee reported it missing. He used to eat food left over by passengers who were passing through the airport.

The Judge said that Singh could be considered a risk to society in light of the amount of time he had spent living at the airport without being detected.

He was held under arrest and if he pays the money for bail, he will no longer be able to enter the airport.