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Man stands guard at night to prevent people from dumping rubbish in Bugibba

A man of foreign nationality who lives in Bugibba could not take the rubbish being dumped day and night at the corner of the residential area where he lives, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

The former Mayor of St Paul’s Bay, Mario Salerno, said it had to be this private citizen to solve a problem which has been dragging on for several months.

He explained how the man washed the pavement where the rubbish was being dumped near his apartment block, but did not stop there. He also stood guard for three nights straight, and whoever was caught dumping their rubbish there, was politely told to take it back behind his own door.

One of his neighbours said that this man, from Serbia, even took leave from work in order to try and catch the people who were polluting the area, and make them stop carrying out this practice.

A Maltese resident said that she hopes this Serbian man will continue living next door to them, because thanks to his efforts, even the rubbish collectors are no longer dumping all the rubbish bags on this corner.

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