Man sues school in US for cutting his daughter’s hair

The father of a seven-year-old girl in the US is suing a school and two members of staff after a teacher decided to cut his daughter’s hair without permission. The man is asking for $ one million in compensation.

In a case before the US courts, Jimmy Hoffmeyer is insisting his mixed-race daughter’s constitutional rights have been breached. He has also decided to remove her from the school.

An investigation by the school in July concluded that whilst the teacher went against school policy, she did not behave in a racial way. The administration gave the teacher a warning but did not dismiss her.

The case goes back to April when the girl, named Jurnee and sporting an afro style, returned home with half a haircut. Her friend had trimmed her long curls on the school bus. Two days later, the girl went home with more hair trimmed off, although she had been taken to a hairdresser who arranged her hairstyle to reduce the difference between both sides of her head.  The father thought another girl had cut her hair, but his daughter said the teacher had decided to do it.

The school has still not replied to charges filed by the father, and has also not commented publicly about the case.