Man takes dog to groomer to be shaved, but pet dies a few hours later

A dog owner who took his pet to the groomer to have him shaved ended up rushing him to a vet, but did not manage to save him.

With a broken heart, Miguel Buttigieg wrote on social media about what he and his family had gone through. One minute they had a healthy dog and within a few hours they ended up with a dead pet.

He said that Bolt was 9 years old and was good health; in fact even the groomer told him he did not look that old.

Mr Buttigieg said when he collected Bolt from the groomer he could not breath property and when they took him to the vet it resulted that his windpipe had been damaged, leading to a collapse in his respiratory system.

He said that the dog’s death could have been avoided if the groomer had the right equipment, not a grooming cable noose, because small dogs such as Bolt which are of the Yorkshire Terrier breed, have a greater chance of being injured like this when they are agitated.

Mr Buttigieg told dog owners to pay attention to what type of equipment groomers are using, and if possible to remain near their dog while they are being groomed. He also appealed for groomers to be regulated by a licence.

The Animal Rights Commissioner Alison Bezzina, said she has prepared a report and passed it on to the authorities so that groomers, pet sitting and trainers will all be regulated by law.