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UPDATE: Two men, a Gozitan and a Somali, to be arraigned in Court following Mġarr port argument

The Police will be charging in Court a Gozitan man and a Somali who lives in Gozo following an argument in Mġarr port on the night between Saturday and Sunday.

The Police confirmed with that at around one o’clock in the morning, Police were asked to intervene after a man from Somalia was allegedly assaulted by by a Gozitan man.

In a post on Facebook, it emerged that the immigrant was not only assaulted, but was thrown into the sea amidst the applause of the crowd present.

On social media, the person recounted that the alleged victim was attacked several times despite trying to explain his position.

Allegedly, at one point, one of these people wanted to show how brave (king) he was and amid all the shouting, allegedly punched the Somali man and threw him into the sea as a result of which, the man hit his head against the boat.

It was said that the man, who could have drowned because he did not seem to be able to swim, managed to climb onto land and once again asked why he was being treated like a dog.

“A group of people intervened and called for the help of the police who did a good job,” the person said.

She added that this brutality had to stop and that was extremely disgusted with the reaction of the crowd who had lent their support to a bully and his friends against a single man.

She added that she was ready to testify against the aggressor in court and offered her full support.