Man waited 78 years for this moment

Esmond Allcock, 108, who lives in Canada, has been waiting 78 years to see his dream of having a namesake come true.

Esmond has always wanted his name to remain alive in the future generations of his family, however none of his children named their kids after him.

Esmond has a large family –  he is the father of six, grandfather of 17, great-grandfather of 36, and great great grandfather of 12.

However his dream finally came true recently when his great-granddaughter Jenna Lehne, decided to name her son, Esmond, after him.

Lehne decided to name her son Esmond when she learned of her great-grandfather’s wish. He confided in her and told her that out of 71 descendants who came into the world thanks to him, no one had been named after him.

Esmond Allcock, who is one of the oldest people in Canada, was over the moon when he learned that one of his relatives has finally inherited his name, and was especially happy after meeting tiny Esmond.