Man who allegedly threw migrant into the sea to be arraigned shortly

The Police are shortly to arraign in the Gozo Court the man who allegedly threw a Somali migrant into the sea at Mġarr Harbour.

The man will be arraigned before Magistrate Simone Grech and charged with, among others, inflicting slight injuries on the migrant.

A video clip shot by a person at the scene caught the moment the migrant was thrown into the sea, The case goes back to 18 July.

The migrant is seen in the video clip arguing and trying to move, with some men holding him and speaking to him, as if trying to calm him.

At one point one of the men in a white top, who was going around the group, grabs the migrant from the shoulders, drags him to the edge of the jetty, and throws him down into the water.

The migrant is seen trying to get back on the jetty, but again falls into the water.

Laughter, whistling and shouting are heard in the background, as well as condemnatory comments by others.

The Police had stated that both men were to be arraigned in Court.