Man who assaulted bus driver arrested

The Police arrested the man who on Friday afternoon was seen in a number of videos on Facebook assaulting a bus driver in San Ġwann. TVM is informed that the Police identified the involved person – a 28-year old Qormi man – after the latter escaped from the site of the incident and abandoned his car in the middle of the road. He was arrested late on Friday evening.

The aggression took place at around 3.30 in the afternoon. Investigations carried out by Police on the case resulted that an argument erupted after it was alleged that the public transport bus and the aggressor’s car were driven in close range to each other in a strait street. Eventually the two drivers started shouting at each other, with the car’s driver alighting the bus and punched the other driver in the eye. The aggressor grabbed the driver by his shirt and dragged him outside the bus, where as videos showed, he assaulted and banged the man’s head on the bus.

At the time of the incident, the aggressor was accompanied by a woman, who was heard calling him by his name to stop fighting. But the man is heard telling her to go back to the car near a boy who is heard crying and telling his father to stop.

The bus driver was treated at a health centre where he was certified suffering from an eye injury.

Malta Public Transport company described the incident in a statement as a shocking one and is cooperating with the police. It also handed over security cameras videos of the bus for the necessary investigation.