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Man who knelt before Magistrate has now been deported

Yaw Akaadom, a 35-year-old man from Ghana who holds an Italian residence card, was fined €850 and had his suspended six month sentence changed into an effective sentence after he pleaded guilty that two weeks ago he threatened a police officer in Valletta.

Last February,  Akaadom who lives at a shelter in Birkirkara, went down on his knees before Magistrate Antonio Micallef Trigona to thank him for not sending him to jail after he was found guilty of resisting arrest during an incident in Hamrun.

However, on 17 March, he once again got into trouble with the law and was arraigned in Court charged with various other charges including that he had attacked police constable Valhmor Medati and other officials while he was drunk. He was also found guilty of carrying out these crimes while he was on a suspended sentence.

In its decision, the Court presided over by Magisrate Joe Mifsud, ordered that once he serves his sentence, the accused should be sent back to Italy where he holds residency or to his country of origin, Ghana, after it established that he has no means of supporting himself and that he was a threat to public peace in our country.