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Manoel Theatre opened its doors for the first time in 7 months

A recital by soprano Nicola Said, with the participation of various musicians, was held at the Manoel Theatre on Friday evening – the first performance in seven months as the Theatre opened its doors to the audience while respecting the directives against COVID-19.

The Theatre’s artistic director Kenneth Zammit Tabona said that entrance to the theatre will observe the strict protocols based on the health authorities advice, including social distancing while not more than 100 persons will be allowed inside. “There is a procedure of taking temperatures, sanitization, all bookings are socially distanced and every precaution to protect visitors”.

Manoel Theatre has prepared an events programme till December together with a contingency plan in case of changes in present circumstances. “It is very important that as a national theatre, we keep Maltese artists in employment, that is it is important to keep arts alive”, Mr Zammit Tabona added.

The theatre’s calendar for the next three months includes a performance by the Moveo Dance company which will present a music and dance production, in collaboration with four renowned artistes: dancers Dorian Mallia, Diane Portelli and Francesca Tranter and pianist Tricia Dawn Williams.

Space at the Manoel Theatre will be adapted for the production TEN which consists of 10 stories by 10 artists with a maximum of six persons in the audience for each actor who interprets two stories twice during the performance.

Director and actor Stephen Oliver explores the shocking events of the 11th September in New York with a WTC production that investigates and offers a new perspective on this terrorist chapter which left a permanent mark in history.

Part of Żigużajg festival will also be held at the Manoel Theatre.