MAPHM calls for restrictions to be increased immediately

The Maltese Association of Public Health Medicine has called for an immediate increase in the restrictive measure to decrease the current high rate of new COVID-19 infections.

The MAPHM said that over these last few weeks we have seen the highest number of new infections. It said that the hospital is packed to the brim and only a few beds are left for patients who require intensive treatment.

It added that other countries went into lockdown with an infection rate which is much less than we currently have in our country. The Association said that it is not advising a lockdown but a need for stricter measures so that the virus does not continue to spread at its current rate.

The MAPHM added that if more restrictive measures are not put into place at this point, we will end up in a worse situation in a few weeks where we will need even harsher measures. It added that once infections go down, and a large part of the population is inoculated, we can gradually start holding activities again.

The Association has appealed for individual responsibility and urged the public to avoid meeting in groups, to maintain a two metre social distance, to wear their mask properly and wash their hands with soap regularly especially when not at home.