Woman whose foot stuck in a metal structure in a road thanks Community Officials who helped her

A woman who was injured when her foot stuck in a metal structure while she was walking along a road in Sliema has publicly thanked two LESA Community Officials who went to her aid. The incident happened at the beginning of the month and the woman said the Officials were on their routine patrol.

She said that when they saw she could be moved they made her sit on a chair and one of the Officials, a female, kept up a discussion with her to detract her from the pains she was suffering. The woman said she urged them to continue their patrol but they stayed with her until the ambulance arrived.

The female Official also later sent her a mobile message asking her about her condition and also asked she be kept updated.

The woman asked what had she done to attract so much attention? She said that unfortunately, many people, including herself, are often in the habit of criticising such officials but rarely are they praised for the work they do.

She also thanked the medical team from Mater Dei Hospital for the help they had given her and despite the great number of patients they have to deal with, still gave her their full attention.