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Maritime Museum in Vittoriosa to open access to naval ovens

The Maritime Museum will be enlarged by more than 500 square metres with plans to open up access to the naval ovens which are located inside the building in Vittoriosa. Part of the building will be restored and there will also be the digitisation of the items in the museum. This will be carried out at an investment of 2 million and should be ready within three years.

The Heritage Malta collection at the museum will continue to grow and improve with the inclusion of the ovens which used to be used by the British services when they were in Malta. The project will be carried out thanks to funds from the European Economic Zone and Norwegian funds as part of the regeneration of the Maritime Museum.

The Chief Executive of Heritage Malta, Noel Zammit said, “We will also be using the funds to carry out digitisation of the maritime collection. Heritage Malta and the Government will also be investing money, along with the two million Euro, in order to bring this museum more to life. This includes innovative and technological interpretations.”

The Chairman of Heritage Malta, Anton Refalo, said that the project will focus on virtual and digital aspects with the digitisation of 2600 items from the museum’s collection. He said that this will make the museum more interactive. On his part, the curator, Liam Gauci, said that the project will focus on things which are synonymous with our identity. He added that accessibility will be increased as more halls will be opened.

Culture Minister Owen Bonnici said that this project will contribute to an improvement in the economic and social development by strengthening our cultural heritage. He pointed out that more than 20,000 people visit this museum each year.

The Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds, Aaron Farrugia, said that over the last few months the Government has benefited from 8 million Euro thanks to the financial mechanism of the European Economic Zone and the funds from Norway, in other words, 3 million Euro more than the previous programme.

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